DIY Baby Shower Gift Baskets

If you have a baby shower to attend very soon and you still haven’t thought of a gift to give, this will be perfect for you! Why not personalize a gift to share in the joy of new motherhood? Giving a personalized baby shower gift basket is unique since they can be filled with a variety of items and can fit a specific theme.

While at Big Lots I went straight to the baby isle to pick out a few different items to make three different baskets. One for a girl, one for a boy, and one neutral basket for those that has not revealed the sex on the baby. There is always someone in your life that is announcing a pregnancy, so keeping this idea in the back of your mind it not a bad idea.

Here are the items I purchased for each basket:

Remember to keep a pastel look throughout the basket. I decided to take an extra step and decorate mine to make it eye-catching when placing it on the gift table. It also adds a personal touch to the gift! You can fill this basket with all kinds of things that you think the mom-to-be doesn’t have or some that you think she doesn’t know she needs.

With a few items finds at Big Lots you too can create this personalized gift baskets. I promise.

Don’t they just look adorable? I mean everything that has baby items is adorable in my opinion. Gosh, I hope I don’t have baby fever!

I hope you all have fun getting creative and building your own baby gift basket!

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